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Hey there! Thanks for stopping and checking out my page, means a lot. I am a mom of two lovely kiddos and a wife to an amazing guy who supports my wild dreams of being a successful artist. Being a mom is truly one of my greatest joys and I hope I can show my kids it is possible to follow your dreams and succeed! Anyhow, onto more about me!

 In 2017 I created Happy Auer Arts to share my passion of painting, drawing, and photography with the world. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Intermedia Art with a minor in art history. To improve my artistic perspective and techniques I studied abroad in Florence, Italy. I am a solo artist who creates personal commissioned pieces to suit the needs of my clients.

My mission is to help my clients and collectors create an atmosphere of calmness and peace. My pieces are inspired by music and nature, when combined I believe I can create something that can bring endless happiness to the soul.  

I hope in some way that my art can lift people up, and bring joy to their lives. I want it to take you to another world. Please enjoy, and thank you in advance for the support! 

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