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Grief Resources

First and foremost, if you are having thoughts of self-harm or suicide, stop what you are doing and dial or text "988". This is the United States suicide hotline. These are trained and caring folks prepared to help talk you through any life altering situation you find yourself in. Your life is worth living no matter the deep dark rut you find yourself in. Please seek help!

Below are resources my husband and I have compiled that helped us deal with our grief/dark side of mental health.

Various Non-Profits:

  • Faithfully Restored

  • Cosmos For Kolt

  • Rush’s Rainbows

  • The Teddy Foundation

  • Barrels For Bodhi

  • Jocelyn’s Legacy Foundation

  • Rainbows For Makenna

  • Grayson’s Footprint Foundation

  • Cradling Memories

  • Love From Lydia 

  • Amos' Anchors


Together We Grieve: 

(Multiple resources from this list were supplied and thoroughly researched by Nebraska native non-profit Our Little Angels)

Reading/Book List:

(Link to reading list supplied and thoroughly researched by Nebraska native non-profit Our Little Angels.)

Amazon eBook:


Barnes and Noble Ebook:


You can also find her website on

Online Therapy Resources:


  • rushsrainbows

  • itsnoahsmommy

  • grievingthemoon

  • lifeafterjoce

  • lossmomclub


TikTok (Transparent journey's through child loss grief.):

  • @itsnoahsmommy- Noah's mom, Kate. Noah passed away at 7 months old unexpectedly in his sleep.

  • @clairejjs- Stone's mom, Claire. He passed away at 3.5 months old from accidental asphyxiation.

  • @grievingthemoon- Luna's mom, Maci. Baby Luna passed away at 8 months old from childhood cancer.

  • @904gucci- Atlas' mom, Ansely. Atlas passed away of SIDS at 7 months old.


Military Mental Health Resources:

  • Military OneSource: a confidential, virtual or over the phone counseling and therapy provided for

  • DoD members and their family.

  • Military and Family Life Counseling (MFLC): provides face to face counseling to military members and their families for a limited number of sessions

  • Base Mental Health Clinic, Operational Medicine, Family Medicine, and Flight Medicine


Other options:
- Local hospital ER
- Suicide hotline (call or text): 988
- Veteran crisis hotline: call 988, then press 1 ( or text 838255)

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