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Autumn Cohen: One Mama's Healing Journey Through Grief

(A note from Hannah. Grief at the hands of losing your child is nothing short of debilitating, at best. You crawl into a dark hole that seems impossible to crawl out of, just a tiny sliver of light peaking in to remind you that somehow there is life on the other side. This is one Angel Mom's way of finding purpose in her grief and giving back to other bereaved families. Take a moment to read her story about her son Bastion and what she has done to honor his short but beautiful life!)

In Loving Memory of Bastion Porter Cohen

Bash was stillborn March 25, 2020 just after 37 weeks gestation. He had a normal & healthy ultrasound just days before he died. With no real explanation, but a possibility of his umbilical cord being wrapped too tightly around his neck. His big sister was only 2 at the time and we have since had our rainbow baby girl. My husband and I have experienced strangers asking us if we’re going to try for a boy, and it hurts so much.

In my healing journey, I have cofounded Still Loved, where we send birthday cards to angel babies all over the world daily. We have over 1200 babies signed up through our website and that number is continuously growing. We are honored to celebrate these sweet babies when others tend to forget their special day.

Instagram @stilllovedfoundation

My recent project has been the creation of In Memory Of You: A Guided Baby Memorial Journal. A book to help remember, mourn, cherish, and celebrate your baby gone-too-soon. With sweet gender neutral illustrations, inclusive wording, and gentle prompts— this book is meant to bring comfort and validation to grieving baby loss parents. Instagram @inmemoryofyoubook Available on Amazon And Etsy Sending hugs, Autumn Cohen

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